About Us


As usual, behind every successful business there is an interesting story to tell. Mine started about 3 years ago, when was working for a software development company.  A client complained about the speed of his website and was quite concerned because he had to run a big trade show in next 48 hours. I then started my research on speed optimization and found lots of amazing and interesting concepts and techniques and by studying them, I succeeded in increasing the website speed considerably.  That has been my bread and butter ever since. So far, I have helped more than 500+ clients to increase their business value  and profit by reducing their website load speed considerably.


Our Mission

We believe performance is the key factor to overall success of a website.

We are Global

We serve clients from countries all around the world.

Our Vision

Our lucky number is 2, because we always target for 2 secs load time.


More than 500 clients so far and provided service in 22 countries. We are always proud to serve each and every corner of the planet. And we love the journey - when we hear about our client's success thanks to our efforts, we feel quite honored.

1000+ Projects

We are currently working towards that magic number - 1000 :) At this point, we believe we will achieve that goal soon.
Performance Report

40+ Testimonials

Most clients rate us voluntarily and give us a feedback, which shows the human aspect of the business.
Client's Review


The wide knowledge of our team in various technologies helps to speed up the website in a way that is most efficient.