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1 Once your work is done, can I still update themes and plugins?

Yes, you could upgrade your theme and plugins at any time. The optimization process doesn’t stop you from upgrading your theme or plugins.

2 Do you have after sales service if something goes wrong?

We usually provide 60 days free support after delivering.

5 When does the payment take place? Before or after process?

The Payment should be made before the work has started.

6 Do you work on live website? I receive some orders daily and I don't want to mess it up.

No, We don’t work on the Live website, we’d perform a backup before we start working on your website. We’d prefer working on subfolders like which is supposed to be a clone of the actual site. Please refer our detail process flow here:

7 The CDN implies extra costs?? Monthly costs?

No. We’d integrate a free CDN for you. (Cloud Flare)

8 How do I measure the performance?

We provide before and after report from PingDom, GTmetrix and Google Page speed tools. Please refer here for real time sample reports: Successful Projects

9 What would you need to get this started?

WordPress credentials or CMS administrator credentials, if you use different CMS. And Cpanel or Remote Desktop Access – Windows Server.

10 What is the guarantee that my site would not break?

We usually backup the files before making any changes. And we would prefer if you could provide us with a demo site. Please refer our process flow

11 Will the changes affect the appearance of the site or any of its functionality?

No. The changes would affect only the performance in an improved way and not your current layout or design.

12 Do you charge monthly?

No. It is only a one-time cost.